Annual report 2021

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Harald A. Summa CEO DE-CIX
Harald A. Summa, CEO DE-CIX Group AG

The Annual Report 2021 finds us looking back on the second year of the global Covid-19 pandemic – a year during which the world began to stabilize into the “new normal”. The insatiable demand for digital applications and data-driven services has been further boosted by the transformation that has occurred in the last couple of years. But when we look back on this time from our digital future, we will be able to see that the meteoric growth in data traffic experienced during these years is actually part of a continuum – a steady process of digitalization, of optimization of workflows, of the expansion of methods of communication and entertainment, and the increasingly fine-grained interconnection of the planet.

Geographical densification & innovative interconnection services

The Internet of the future, will place increasing demands on digital infrastructure. To meet these demands, digital infrastructure providers need to build out densely and globally-distributed interconnected and resilient infrastructure, while at the same time offering an increasing array of specialized and customizable interconnection services. At DE-CIX, our mission is to bring interconnection services as close as possible to people and business, thereby maximizing the performance and minimizing the latency of connectivity, and in parallel increasing the security, resilience, and flexibility of connectivity. To achieve this, we are working towards both increasing geographical densification, on the global and the local level, and developing further innovative interconnection services, tailor-made to support enterprises overcome the challenges they face with digital transformation.

Insatiable demand for data traffic exchange

In 2021, we saw developments in all of these areas at DE-CIX. With more than 38 exabytes of data throughput globally, DE-CIX experienced an increase in traffic of around 20 percent compared to 2020, in line with the growth in connected networks, which ended the year at a total of 2481 worldwide. Connected capacity across the global DE-CIX interconnection fabric increased by more than 30% to 96.2 Terabits (Tbits) in 2021, reflecting the insatiable demand for data traffic exchange.

Connectivity to the cloud via the DE-CIX Cloud Exchange tripled during 2021, much of this booked via DE-CIX’s self-service customer portal, which was implemented in 2021 as part of the company’s drive towards the automation of interconnection. On a geographical level, four new Internet Exchanges were taken into operation, these being DE-CIX Richmond and DE-CIX Barcelona, as well as “Ruhr-CIX powered by DE-CIX” in Germany and “Borneo-IX powered by DE-CIX” in Southeast Asia, the latter two as DE-CIX as a Service locations. Another seven locations were announced, including multiple DE-CIX presences in the Nordics

Download the DE-CIX Annual Report 2021 to learn more about the company and interconnection, including: 

  • Geographical expansion
  • Automated service provision
  • Regional updates
  • Enterprise interconnection needs
  • Strategic outlook to the interconnected world of the future

Wishing you an enjoyable read and hope this Annual Report 2021 provides you with useful insights into the world of interconnection.


DE-CIX Global Growth in 2021

20% customer growth. 

30% global connected capacity growth.

+20% global data throughput.

The DE-CIX Internet Exchanges worldwide

2,400+ connected networks30+ IXs100+ partners500+ cities80+ countries

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